Metallizing Process

Our unique vacuum metallizing process typically takes from five to eight hours, depending on the parts involved.

First, the parts are attached to production racks. These racks are custom designed to match each specific product in order to eliminate marking or scarring from clips during the process.

The parts are then put through a de-static blow off process to remove any accumulated dust or static build-up which could impede flawless production.

Next, the racks are rotated beneath a paint rain of primer. This basecoat of primer promotes adhesion between the parts' surface and the vaporized metal to allow for a smooth, reflective surface.

After the basecoat is applied, the racks rotate through the flowcoater to remove excess solvent which could result in bubbles or imperfections during curing.

The rack is then rolled into the oven for curing which usually takes 1 to 2 hours.

Once the parts are adequately cured, the rack is rolled into one of our two air-tight vacuum chambers. Each chamber is capable of processing thousands of parts per day. Once the rack is inside the chamber, the air is pumped out, creating a vacuum. An electric charge is then applied to tungsten filaments holding the desired coating metal. The metal melts, reaches its vapor point, and becomes gaseous. The gas molecules then adhere and condense on the surface of the part, creating a thin, uniform metal coating.

The now metallized racks are then placed back in the flowcoater to receive a topcoat. This topcoat serves to protect the layer of metal from wear and abrasion.

At this point, parts can now be dipped into a dye tank, if desired, and can be tinted gold, brass or a variety of other colors.

Finally, the parts are removed from the production racks, inspected for quality, and carefully packed for shipping.

Plastic Metallization Examples

Chrome Plating Plastic Plating Plastic Chrome Plating Plastic Metallization EMI/RFI Shielding

These samples show the results of our unique Plastic Metallizing (chrome plating plastic), EMI/RFI Shielding and Physical Vapor Deposition processes.

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